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    joann dionne

    nadian writer, editor, teacher and traveller.

    JoAnn portrait

    About Me

    Hi! I’m JoAnn, a nadian travel writer living in Guanajuato, Mexico.

    Little Emperors

    Little Emperors is a memoir of my time teaching English in a Chinese elementary school. It was short-listed for the George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature and named a finalist for the City of Victoria Butler Book Prize.

    A funny, observant chronicle of a year in a classroom, JoAnn Dionne’s memoir is quietly monumental in its insights into all those real things in Chinese lives.

    Charles Foran

    Immediacy of language and lightness of tone make the memoir readable, vivid, and fun…

    Yvonne Blomer

    Pacific Rim Review of Books

    Dionne conveys the excitement and culture shock of a BC expatriate very well.

    Crawford Killian

    The Tyee

    Magic and New Magic

    For many years, I worked as a writer and editor for the Hong Kong office of Oxford University Press. The project I was most proud of was Magic, a textbook series for Hong Kong primary schools.

    The first edition was published in 2005. A second edition, New Magic, me out in 2008. An International Edition of New Magic was released in mainland China in 2016.

    My Travel Photos

    Travel photos from around the world, and inspiration for my work.

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